Odour Removal Service

We can eliminate any odour or smell: cigarette smoke, pet urine, musty smells, cooking smells, fire smoke, automobile odours, and many more.

What we can do for you

Cigarette Smoke
Skunk Spray
Cooking Odour
Curry Smell
Grease Fires
Fire Smoke
Smoke Odour

We we can remove odour and smells

Our odour removal service utilizes cutting-edge technology to combat the unique challenges posed by different odours. It targets and neutralizes the odour molecules, ensuring complete elimination rather than just masking the scent.

Our system uses a molecule called chlorine dioxide (ClO₂). Due to the extremely small size of only 0.124 nanometers, it can penetrate into very small areas. There are roughly 8 chlorine dioxide molecules in 1 nanometer. About 400 – 1000 ClO2 molecules can fit inside 1 Coronavirus, now that’s small!

ClO2 is a water soluble gas which penetrates the visible and non-visible barriers that spraying, mopping and sponging, cannot. The objective of our system is to release as much of the ClO2 in gas form which will penetrate every nook and cranny.